Brief Introduction

The Asia Pacific Medical (APM) Group is an American founded international medical concern, which has been providing world class healthcare to China and South East Asia since it’s founding in 1992.

With 22 clinics and 7 hospitals, APM is the fastest growing International healthcare provider in China.

Asia Pacific Medical Group (APMG) is a leading medical service provider founded by 35 United States physicians and surgeons, they have created strong and trusted healthcare services all over the APAC. APM Group strives for affordable healthcare and look after our patients' well-being – we are confident in our chosen strategic direction.

APM Group, offers leading edge medical services and technology to both expat and local patients not only in China but also patients who seeks international quality healthcare around the globe.

Our Mission

Improving healthcare through innovation, research and diversed medical services.

Our Vision

We strive to make our patients healthier and provide them with diversed medical services in delivering superior value for our customers and shareholders.